There is no need to give up your existing job and study for UPSC/MPSC!

We have packages for working students!

You can study for these Exams while continuing your job.  Don’t think of giving up existing job and preparing for IAS examination.

Employment is as important as your IAS Studies. You get lot of experience while you are in job. Your job makes you a responsible citizen. You are having real life experience which makes you more mature! It will strengthen your personality. Generally IAS aspirants devote at least two years for IAS preparation. But Friends- Uncertainty thy name is UPSC, MPSC; which may Make or Break your dream. Unfortunately success has many stories but failure is always orphan. Your existing job will give you strong support in such circumstances.

Please Look Beyond Your Horizon. See!!The new world is waiting for you.  It will change your fortune- you will Have More Opportunities. Grab them in time. Enjoy!! World is very beautiful and you have to make it more beautiful by your integration of mind and hard work. Your efforts and our guidance will take you to success!

----Dr. Pratibha C. Mudgerikar